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Happy Tuesday Friends! 

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite people and photographers.


Meet Hannah Elizabeth Taylor. She is a sweet friend [and honorary family member] of The Finch Nest. I really do not even have adequate words to describe her but I will try. She is adventures, contagious, beautiful from the inside out, reflective, a deep thinker [like C.S. Lewis and A.W. Tozer] and a soul for Jesus that cannot be quenched. To be around her is to get a taste of Jesus. What a JOYFUL taste it is. Seriously Hannah, thank you for just being alive. 


Hannah came through Jackson, Tennessee and stayed with us not too long ago. We were thrilled to see her since she has been out of the country for a hot minute. As we were putting sweet Leighton to bed, Hannah asked if she could take pictures of us as we did Leighton's night time routine. If you know me, you know I LOVE getting pictures made so I was ecstatic! Leighton is in such a transitioning stage in her life, I want to take any opportunity to get photos of the current stage she is in to remember it. So, Hannah began shooting away!


The lighting in our house is terrible and I am amazed at how she was able to make it look incredible!

lo blog 3.jpg
unnamed-2 copy.jpg

Her goofy faces are my favorite! When she realized we were not going to bed quite yet, she was really happy! I am really starting to appreciate photo shoots where we do not get ready. The ones where we are just who we are - know what I mean? We just wore what we had worn all day in these and were in our home in our regular environment. I cherish these photos so much. This is really a taste into our everyday life. 


These next couple with Leighton and Cody are my favorite! You can really see their special relationship. While Leighton comes to me for comfort, she always go to her daddy to laugh and play. Without fail, he can make her laugh at anytime.


She even took some shots of Leighton's nursery, which I had not done yet. I am so thankful for you Hannah!!


I just love these!! Hannah is so talented. Her business is called Hannah Elizabeth Stories. What a sweet concept - capturing moments worth remembering and stories worth telling. To see more of her photographs, follow hannahelizabethstories on Instagram/Facebook or her website here. To share a bit of her story, Hannah is heading back to Israel November 9 to continue volunteering as a photojournalist for an organization called Bridges for Peace. This is where her heart is, in the nation of Israel and for the people of it. Bridges For Peace is a Christian organization existing to bridge the relationship between Jews and Christians. They help holocaust survivors, children and families throughout Israel by providing food and basic needs while demonstrating the love of Christ in His Land through practical means. She is currently doing Mini Sessions to raise money for her time in Israel and she is traveling all over to do these photoshoots! If you are interested, here is some further information:


Mini Shoots

30 minutes
15-20 high res photos
If you want a longer shoot, message her for details and more packages or visit her website I listed above. 



Virginia: NEXT WEEK until the 30 

Tennessee: October 10-15 (she already has shoots in Nashville and Murfreesboro)

Kentucky: October 15-18

TX: October 19-28

Arkansas: October 29-November 6


To book a photo shoot, go here. Once again, the money made for these shoots is going directly to her time in Israel.


Thank you Hannah for these sweet memories and for loving The Finch Nest so well! We love YOU and your stories. Check her out everyone, it will be a blessing you do not want to miss. 



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