Nashville 12 Avenue South

Our favorite getaway day trip is to Nashville and we cannot do it enough! We are the type of people that are terribly consistent at becoming regulars. Once we find our favorite spots, we hit them up over and over and over and over.... you get the idea! 


12South is a beauty in Nashville. It is for real some of the best spots with such a great local vibe. Our first stop is, of course, Five Daughters Bakery which includes a wide variety of 100 Layer Doughnuts, Rotating Flavors for regular doughnuts each month, PALEO doughnuts, VEGAN doughnuts, filled doughnuts and cookies (which a GF version always in the mix!). They only use locally sourced goods - SCORE. We LOVE their paleo doughnuts, it is the only thing Leighton and I get. Cody loves the paleo doughnuts too but will occasionally indulge in a 100 Layer Doughnut (which, as well he should). For those interested in visiting, there is a playground outside for the kiddos right by the tables! It is such a perfect place to spend a morning or for an afternoon snack.

unnamed-2 copy.jpg

Leighton tried her first doughnut (yes, it was paleo, but still a doughnut) and it was unplanned. We set the doughnuts down and turned around to this. Needless to say, she LOVED it! She's my kind of girl. 

unnamed-2 copy 2.jpg
unnamed-2 copy 3.jpg

She loved it SO much, she refused to share. But, neither would I. Or her daddy. Let's be real, the Finch Nest does not share food. 

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Know what goes with doughnuts? Coffee. Obviously. So for our next stop we headed over to Frothy Monkey for coffee and lunch. Yes, dessert of doughnuts then lunch and coffee. We are on the Gilmore Girls diet. I didn't get to snag a picture of our lunch bebcause we devoured it but it made Frothy Monkey one of my new favorite places for food. Leighton enjoyed herself a GF Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (because we like to keep it classy) while Cody and I split a GF Larry sandwich, which includes roast beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato and dill dijon sauce. So simple, so good. I did, however, capture a shot of my coffee because latte art is the best kind of art.

unnamed-2 copy 5.jpg
unnamed-2 copy 6.jpg

I featured the Bump for this picture along with my Frothy Monkey Coffee :). I am 24 weeks y'all! Getting close. This amazing black shirt is not a maternity one but works so wonderfully. Such a great inexpensive staple for fall! I will link it at the bottom of the post. 


These next couple of pictures were fun ones to snap in cool places. These are some outfits I wore for the day in Nashville. I wanted to share them with y'all because it includes a cool collaboration with ThredUP! ThredUP is a high end resale online shop. The staple pieces in each of these pictures are from ThredUP!!! WHAT. Yes, thrifting is a game and you will always win. Scroll to the bottom for a code to get your first ThredUP order 50% off!!!! 

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The amazing thing about ThredUP is they have maternity wear, pieces that double as maternity AND BABY CLOTHES. SO yes, this is my secret to Leighton's adorable outfits.

unnamed-2 copy 9.jpg
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Now back to places in Nashville. Some notable places we did not hit up on this trip due to lack of money include Bar taco (if you are a taco fan GO HERE), Amelia's Flower truck (moves daily but follow on Instagram to stay in the loop), Sprinkles Cupcakes with a cupcake ATM if you are in a hurry, Jeni's Splendid Ice-cream, and do not forget to visit the I love Nashville wall graffiti to get your tourist picture! I realize these are mostly food places but we tend to just walk around new places, enjoy the scenery and sit at coffee shops eating and drinking coffee. 


Typically when we leave 12South, we hit up Nordstrom rack. Because, well, we don't need an explanation. We just love it. I snagged this dress for 30 bucks and plan to wear it to a Texas wedding with some fun velvet shoes this weekend. Picture will follow for how it was styled :). The wonderful thing is, it fits over my baby bump and does make me look huge. Win, win. This dress is linked here.


I could not find a link to this sweater! But I am linking another oversized one I adored here. Also, here are my shoes. On SALE but limited sizes left. 

 Due to the fact a Chipotle is not in Jackson, Tennessee but there is one in Nashville (not on 12South), we hit that up as well. Leighton tried Chipotle's guac for the first time and I think she is in love. 


That was our fun day in Nashville, friends. I hope you find time with your family to get away for day trips. It is refreshing for the soul and such a joy to go on new adventures or hit up the same local spots. 


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