Welcome to The Finch Nest Blog

Welcome to the Finch Nest Blog! I am excited to begin this journey with each of you.


Let's start with introductions: 

My name is Lauren Finch, but you can call me Lo. The love of my life is Jesus and he has given me a love story from which I will never recover from. My blood type is coffee, I love reading, cooking/baking healthy foods, and doing life with people. Local coffee shops are my jam. My husband and my daughter are 2 of my greatest joys. I love dorky things like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. This blog will be a space for me to share about my passions including fashion, GF food and traveling while hopefully encouraging you along the way!


The sweetest members of my family are Cody Finch, my husband, co-pilot and best friend of 6 years and Leighton Grace Finch, our joyful and loud 15-month old baby girl. You can call her LG.


Together, the 3 of us with our Golden-doodle {Meeko - more on him later} make up The Finch Nest. Here on this blog you will read about my passions while we invite you to join us in our lives here in Tennessee. We are all about doing life with people. So please, give me an introduction of yourself and follow us along in our journey by subscribing. I can't wait to meet you!